TCo. Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 2341 Hewitt Texas
Phone: 254-717-3855

Empowering You

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Employment Opportunities
Here at TCo. Systems Inc. We pride ourselves on becoming leaders in the Automated Industrial Controls Industry.
The opportunity in this feild is endless so the need of competant self motivated Individuals is great. Listed
below are some of the basic Criteria,Personality Traits, and Professional Experience TCo. Systems is looking for.


Personality: TCo. Systems Inc. is looking for individuals who are not shy about interacting with others take pride in their work and feel that putting in a little exta effort is normal. They must be Self Motivators that are intrested in growing the company. Dependability and puncuality are also a must.


Professional Experience: An Associates Degree in Instrumentation and 2 years of real world experience or 5 years of real world experience programming Allen Bradley PLCs. Experience with programming Allen Bradley panel View OITs and 2 years experience working with Industrial Control Systems.


Basic Criteria: TCo. Systems Inc. Main office is located in Lorena Texas just outside of Waco. New Employees must reside in Waco and have transportation to and from work. They must be willing to return to the classroom to stay current on technology. They must be willing to travel nationally and stay out for at least 3 weeks with 2 week maximum length per trip. Individuals must be willing to work 40 hours per week and overtime when required.


Preferred Experience: The ability to organize and manage projects from concept to completion and experience controlling and/or maintaining packaging equipment is preffered.